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Innovation is fuelled by the power of possibilities. A few years ago, it was virtually impossible to innovate because building software needed a degree, it was simply too expensive, too complex, too risky and ultimately too inefficient. That’s why only 16% of projects were ever done on budget and 78% failed.

We’re changing that. We’re flipping software development on its head and kicking out the notion that you need to be an expert or do boot camps to learn how to make your app. Builder.ai’s platform lets you order the perfect software app for whatever problem you’re trying to solve. Our AI powered assembly line brings together Lego-like reusable features and experts from around the world to bring world-class ideas to life ANYONE’s world-class ideas.

Building software needs to be like ordering pizza pick what you want, get recommendations for the features you need and simply wait till it’s cooked and ready for you.

Our human-assisted AI platform helps anyone build, run & scale tailor-made software. Everyone from the bakery in Riyadh and nursery in London, to large fortune 100 companies like the BBC or Pepsi.

Life at Builder

It’s a place where everything moves at lightning pace and most definitely not for the faint hearted. We celebrate diversity, push everyone to do more with less and yet provide a culture that allows everyone to experiment, push boundaries and learn by doing. Every Builder runs to our core value system of HEARTT (Heart, Entrepreneurship, Accountability, Respect, Trust & Transparency) and we’re always looking for team players, with a point of view, a sense of humility and a let’s-get-stuff-done attitude.

Our scale up is at the intersection of a quirky startup where designers and machine learning specialists work on problems together to savvy commercial teams working with finance folks to invent new business models. #WhatWouldYouBuild


Passionate about loosely held values and ideas. We want someone who has experience but is not blinded by the path already taken.

uf0b7 A minimum Bachelor Degree, 4 – 6 years of project management experience.

uf0b7 Technical Knowledge is a must

uf0b7 PMP certification preferred

uf0b7 Self-motivated, quick and assertive

uf0b7 Extremely detailed oriented and organised

uf0b7 Exceptional time management skills

uf0b7 Excellent writing and communication skills

uf0b7 Cool, calm, collected and collaborative work well under pressure and comfortable with change and complexity in dynamic environments. Can shift readily between the ”big picture” and the small-but-crucial details, knowing when to concentrate on each.

uf0b7 Ability to develop project/product plans, manage individual deadlines and goals.

uf0b7 Knowledge of project/product metrics, including gathering, reporting, trend analysis, creation, and metrics.

uf0b7 Ability to identify issues and problems, generate solutions and choose appropriate alternatives using basic root cause analysis.

uf0b7 Manage project scope by assessing requirements changes, determining and conveying impact on budget, time and risk.

uf0b7 Manage client expectations, anticipates operational and tactical risks and tracks them.

uf0b7 Clarify, identify, and track requirements and issues, remove barriers, resolve minor project issues and escalate to immediate manager where required.

uf0b7 Stays abreast of current industry trends and new technology through professional associations, trade journals, networking, and associated training and seminars.

Benefits Health and wellness benefits
Performance-based bonuses and stock options
Employee friendly policies
Generous vacation and time off benefits, including paid holidays
Generally flexible working hours

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