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About the Role
As our Data Warehouse Engineer, you?™ll be an instrumental player in Gojek?™s Data team that drives the company?™s analytical data infrastructure. You?™ll take the wheel in designing, developing, and managing our data warehouse and data infrastructure that supports it, ensuring these systems operate reliably at scale through a high degree of automation. You?™ll also oversee the single source of truth of data for analytics, partnering with product managers, product engineers, data engineers, BI/analytics, and data scientists during this ride. You?™ll play an active role in ensuring data governance policies and tools are implemented and adhered to, and assist the team in utilizing data to deliver beautifully simple and scalable solutions to meet user needs.

What You Will Do

Handle end-to-end data pipelines from heterogeneous input and output for analytical purposes
Become a data architect by implementing appropriate data modelling concepts depending on data types and use cases
Manage a single version of truth, turning data into critical information and knowledge that can be used to make sound business decisions
Define clear and well-scoped requirement documents including specs and workflows that are easily understood by technical and non-technical audiences
Work with Product Managers, Analysts and Product Engineers to ship data warehouse features and data product improvements
Contribute to the product strategy and execute on the prioritized roadmap for your team

What You Will Need

At least 4 years of experience in data environment as Data Warehouse Developer
Expertise in SQL and data warehouse concepts
Strong knowledge of at least one programming language, preferably Python, Go, or Java
Proficiency in batch, real-time data processing, data modelling concepts, and implementation
An analytical and data-driven mindset; a love for digging into data to understand what?™s happening and to define & measure success on every project
A constant drive to put our customers first, bringing questions back to what will serve them best

About the TeamOur Data Warehouse team is one of the key platforms that gathers, analyzes, and disseminates the data used by various teams, business users, and analysts to make sound business decisions. As a family of 11 spread out across Jakarta and Thailand, we rely on data integration, modeling, and architectures to manage our data pipelines, and work with Product Managers, BI Analyst, and Product Engineers to gather any new data points or capture data changes. It?™s our job to ensure our data pipelines are operating as efficiently and accurately as possible.With the Gojek enterprise?™s immense growth, both organically and through acquisitions, our Data Warehouse needs to withstand quick evolutions and adapt to our ever-evolving requirements surrounding data governance and data security in all our respective countries and industries. These challenges prompt us to maintain constant vigilance, ensuring all our solutions are scalable and adaptable. Currently, our team has been working on a critical project surrounding the governance, security, and reliability of our cloud data warehouse platform. Our team works hard but plays hard, too. We mean the latter in a literal sense, because we’re a team full of musicians! We have 2 pianists, 1 guitarist, 1 drummer, more than 2 male singers, 1 female singer, 1 Rockstar, and 1 dangdut singer (yes, you read it right ). So, you best believe that we have several karaoke nights together! Even if you aren’t musically inclined, no fear. We love bonding over card games (Werewolf is a team favorite), and even hosting mini talent shows for our own entertainment. Join us and show your hidden skills!

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