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As GoPay is undergoing exponential growth, our data has followed the same growth curve. Thus, as an integral member of the Data Engineering team, you’ll be at the epicenter of one of Southeast Asia’s most coveted companies, and get to witness and solve the challenges that come with rapid scaling.
As our Data Engineer, you’ll work closely with the business team and other data teams to improve the accessibility & reliability of data while leveraging the largest-scale data processing technologies in the world. With your strong product-oriented vision and ”Do It Yourself” mindset, you’ll build data products that will deliver, model, and curate data for the entire Gojek Payments platform.

What You Will DoBuild a highly scalable and fault tolerant data streaming platform to process and analyze a large volume of messages in real time
Oversee containerization and deployment of microservices on Kubernetes
Design and deploy the data engineering applications on Google Cloud Platform
Manage the auto-scaling and monitoring performances of the Infrastructure using InfluxDB and Grafana, or similar tools
Collaborate with the team to ensure that the service level objectives and agreements are achieved
Set up Infrastructure as a code using Terraform and Chef
What You Will NeedAt least 6 years of data engineering, with experience in leading a team and building data engineering applications on a large-scale distributed computing infrastructure in a cloud environment
In-depth experience in containerization, including Docker and Kubernetes
Working with large scale production Kafka clusters
Experience building real-time streaming applications using Kafka and Flink
Experience working with Agile methodologies, Test Driven Development and implementing CI/CD pipelines using Gitlab and Docker
Good knowledge of automating and provisioning infrastructure deployments using Terraform and Chef/Ansible on a cloud platform like GCP
Experience managing distributed systems like Elasticsearch/MongoDB and a server- less data warehouse like BigQuery or Redshift
About the Team
As GoPay scales rapidly, the need for creating a reliable and scalable data infrastructure becomes increasingly more important. Our Data team is a newly established family, with members stationed across Singapore and India. We?™re responsible for running hundreds of instances and deployments across all of our payment products, directly impacting millions of users every single day. Most recently, we’ve worked on building products that reduce the overall time to model, curate, and access data, streamlining our efficiency and internal processes significantly.
Combating remote work has brought us even closer, with frequent catch-ups over tea and sharing ways we have been keeping ourselves sane. Along with our desire to utilize smart technology and innovative engineering strategies to make people?™s lives easier, our team also bonds over our shared love for reading, gaming, and drinking lots of coffee. We work hard and play hard, and believe it or not, we actually enjoy each other?™s company!

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