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Lead Engineer – QA Requisition ID: 13679

About the Role

Lead Engineer – QA

Key Responsibilities

Ability to create/document Test Design Document (TDD) for Features and convert this TDD into Test Cases.

Closely coordinate with Dev and start working on defining the scope of testing as well as creating plan for how Test Data/Test Setup/Test Scenarios are going to be like so that once Dev completed his tasks, QA can pick up stuffs without any delay.

Ability to plan test cases for functional, integration, performance and acceptance testing.

Collaborate on determining the RCA of production related issues and adding quality improvements to prevent such issues in future.

Reporting blocker/critical issues during testing and reporting the same via JIRA. Coordinating with Dev to take patches to get unblocked and resume testing.

Ability to Create negative and positive Scenarios, corner Cases during testing to increase the probability of finding Bugs.

Updating Results of Manually executed Test Cases into Test Management Tool( eg: TestLink)

Ability to divide the Test Cases as per the severity, MINOR/MAJOR/CRITICAL and decide the Test Cases to be executed as per severity.

Ability to work in AGILE environment with mostly 2 weeks of sprints and ensuring that Testing tasks assigned are brought to a logical conclusion during the Sprint.

Should have excellent Communication/Documentation skills.

Should have self-start ability for picking and prioritising tasks assigned.

Experience & Skills

Manual Testing Experience, BlackBox is preferred.

Hands on Experience of writing Automated Scripts.

Experience with Linux for Troubleshooting issues. Proficient in eliminating the problem(ex: network issue, disk issue, memory issue, Cpu issue, Code issue), should have working knowledge of commands like awk, grep, sed, ps, xargs, netstat, telnet, top, iostat etc.

Experience with SQL commands for validating the output from a database, should have working knowledge of JOIN, GROUP BY commands.

Working knowledge of Hadoop File System.

Basic knowledge of Ab-Initio which is an ETL Tool is a plus.

Knowledge of any One of scripting language(python, perl, shell)

Aptitude to perform smart work.

BE/MCA from CS/IT is a plus.

For Employees


Org: Airtel

Designation: Lead Engineer Quality

Experience: 4-10 years

Position Type: permanent

Business Unit: Engineering.HO

Location: HR-GGN-Gurgaon Plot 5

Department: Engineering.Digital Intelligence

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