Product Manager, Google Maps Fraud Protection

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Minimum qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, similar technical field of study or equivalent practical experience.

8 years of experience in product management, and managing a team of product managers.

Experience in software engineering.

Experience defining product vision, creating and executing product roadmaps from conception to launch, defining go-to-market strategy, and leading design discussions.

Preferred qualifications:

Knowledge of the Internet, search engines and online advertising spaces.

Knowledge of multiple functional areas such as Product Management, Engineering, UX/UI, Sales, Customer Support, Finance or Marketing.

Knowledge of Machine Learning and ability to work with infra and ML engineering teams.

Knowledge of go-to-market commerce enablers (e.g. payments, subscriptions, etc.).

Knowledge of user experience (UX) and business/commercial challenges.

Data analysis skills and curiosity about data.

Define the product vision, roadmap and success metrics for the team and use that to inform product strategy and decisions.

Provide cross-functional leadership to a virtual team of analysts, ops, legal, policy, PR, privacy and several more across multiple Product Areas.

Rally diverse employees behind a common vision and build relationships across the board.

Work with machine learning and platform teams.

Did you use Google Maps recently to find a store location, order take-out from your favorite restaurant or check when the supermarket is open? If so, you are one of the millions of people benefiting from the Google Maps UGC (User Generated Content) team’s work.

Given how the world is constantly changing, UGC on Google Maps has grown significantly over the years. While the vast majority of contributors are good and well-intentioned, some try to take advantage of the platform. As a consequence, the risk of fraud and other forms of abuse such as misinformation has also increased.

At Google, we put our users first. The trust users have in any platform is directly proportional to the information quality provided to them. Incorrect data, or harmful content such as fraud erodes user trust. The Fraud Protection team of UGC focuses on developing robust and holistic mitigations for various forms of abusive content and contribution behaviors. We build ML models, tools and infrastructure that are geared towards identifying and publishing only good UGC while keeping abuse and low-quality content out, understanding our contributors, enabling us to identify those who we can trust and empower them to enrich the Maps experience, and providing abuse protection as a platform for first-party developers enabling them to build new experiences.

Google aims to build products that organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible to our users. As a Product Manager at Google, you could be working on new technologies, platforms, consumer facing products, and/or enterprise systems. The end goal will be to match you with the team that best aligns with your interests, experience, and where you will have the most impact.

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