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Maharashtra, Mumbai, India

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Business: Information Technology

Function/ Department: Information Technology

Place of work: Mumbai

Roles & Responsibilities:

Set ambitious and clear product vision and communicate it effectively to stakeholders, the team, and the rest of the unit.

End to end team output strategy from inception to production.

Collaboration with stakeholders to ensure digital vision and products align within team strategy and requirements.

Accountable for product specific KPIs once solution enters production and communicate regular tracking to stakeholders.

Utilize market and industry knowledge to translate user needs into user stories and acceptance criteria for their team. Maintain a backlog 3 to 4 sprints ahead of the team.

Works closely with CPO to establish each product’s business value and support messaging, communication and customer outreach as necessary.

Facilitates release planning with stakeholders as well as weekly demos.

Is a key role on Agile team(s) and works onsite with the team on a daily basis.

Integrates usability studies and research into product requirements to enhance user satisfaction and ensure customer driven design.

Align outward facing product requirements and stakeholders

Secondary Responsibilities:

Being available to the development team at all times to answer any questions team members have regarding the customer’s needs and the customer’s views of how the team is implementing a product feature

Key Success Metrics:

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