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If you are TPM and looking for an opportunity to solve deep technical problems and build a new innovative solution (grounds-up) in a fast-paced environment with senior and seasoned engineers, this might be the role for you.

About TFS
Amazon’s transportation systems get millions of packages to customers worldwide faster and cheaper while providing world-class customer experience from checkout to shipment tracking to delivery. Transportation Financial Systems (TFS) is responsible for building technologies that support financial aspects for Amazon transportation. Our software systems include services that handle thousands or requests per second and make decisions to pay billions of dollars a year and ensure that transportation’s liabilities and revenues are correctly accounted for. With rapid expansion into new geographies, innovations in supply chain, delivery models and customer experience, increasingly complex transportation network, ever-expanding selection of products and growing number of shipments worldwide, we have an opportunity to build software that scales not only with volume but also with the business models. We leverage cutting-edge technologies in big data, machine learning, real time analytics and high volume, low latency, high availability services.
TFS is 100+ tech team across 8 different platforms. We deal with problems of scale. Billions of dollars of spend is automated through our platforms and pipelines. We are a very fast growing org and we aggressively ramping up our team across all engineering roles. The tech team is completely based out of India (Hyd and BLR)

What problem statement will you be working on?
Automating financials for Transportation Receivables involve tax computations, invoice creation and financial integration with accounting systems. Today multiple teams within the Transportation organization, that need accounts receivable functionality, have different ways to achieve these functions. Some of the reasons for these differences relate to functional variances between the two flows (e.g. credit based billing versus offset accounting), while others are duplication of processes that got built over time. Transportation Receivable Systems (TRS) is one of the major invoicing solutions used by transportation businesses to create accounts receivable invoices. It is currently being used by Amazon Freight Exchange, Relay for Shippers, Omnilocker and SWA. TRS further offers region specific capabilities, such as cash on delivery (COD) reconciliation for India. TRS operates in a similar manner to TFS platforms, ingesting and accounting for the estimates, calculating tax events, creating invoices and posting them to the ledger. Many of the core capabilities that are required for TFS.
As the Transportation organization continues to develop its network and sell underutilized space to 3rd party customers, multiple systems will have to invest significantly in building accounts receivable capabilities. Clients that use both TRS and TFS payables workflow would need to understand and work with two different data models. Much of the core capabilities would need to be duplicate in TRS. Instead of rebuilding these capabilities, we are extending the TFS platform to also cover receivables use cases, and merge the payables and receivables flow.
You will be the lead TPM on our self-invoicing platform and will be leading the unification efforts for self-invoicing platform.

What are the tech challenges of this program?
1. Creation of a common abstraction for both payables and receivables businesses.
2. Standardize the system control flows across TFS so all existing capabilities are available to all customers.
3. Extend TFS architecture to support all use cases and build for future scale to meet stringent SLAs of all clients.
4. Create new abstraction layer for TFS to support multiple payment management systems and ledger solutions.

What other programs you will lead?
1. As lead TPM, you will create and own Page 0 and MBR for self-invoicing customers.
2. You will be working with L7+ tech and business leaders across finance and WW Transportation org to provide a best in class experience for receivables and self-invoicing customers.
3. You will lead market expansion efforts, efforts to improve payment experience for self-invoicing customers, integration with multiple ledger solutions and core architectural capabilities to standardize tax calculation as well as render tax compliant invoices.
4. You will also lead the engineering initiatives of driving standardization of payment flows, unifying the reconciliation experience and improvement in payment SLA

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