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We are looking for a talented individual to join the Banking team of Zeta . We are looking for a curious, persistent, logical and clever a true techie at heart. As a DevOps Lead, you will be responsible for design and development of software infrastructure for complete product suite. You will play an important role in helping build and run our globally distributed infrastructure stack and platforms

What is the Job like?Build, deploy and manage business applications to cloud platforms using Containers orchestration, Service mesh, API gateways, CI/CD components & Observability stacks.
Collaborate with Product managers, Designers and Developers in self-sufficient teams to implement and follow best DevOps practices.
Own service or services availability.
5+ years of relevant work experience.
Software engineers with a bent towards Operations engineering or vice versa.
Kernel, Networking and OS fundamentals.
Public and Private cloud solutions (Any of AWS, GCP, Azure, Openshift, DIY clouds etc)
Distributed systems and micro-service based architectures.
Experience with CI/CD practices, Deployment patterns and relevant toolsets.
Knowledge about K8s, envoy, API gateway (Kong or Ambassador or Traefik), Service Mesh (istio or consul mesh or linkerd/conduit) Infrastructure as code & Configuration management with tools like Terraform, Ansible etc
Observability practices and toolchains (Monitoring, Metrics, Logging, Alerts & Tracing)
Programming with Python, Go or Ruby.
Cloud security / DevSecOps Practices.
Most importantly, Learners for life and An Effective Engineer!
Bonus : Chaos & resilience engineering concepts & experience.

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